General EDM

Our in-house services include both Sinker EDM machining and Wire EDM machining.  Because many parts require additional features to be machined, we also often use our CNC Vertical Machining Center or CNC Lathe to complete them.  These machines are also used to fabricate electrodes or specific fixtures.

Because of our capabilities to fabricate parts to such tight tolerances, Focused Beam Laser, EDM & Swiss Turning uses a wide array of measurement equipment for inspection and verification.  We use a 5-axis Sheffield CMM and CMM Manager Software.  This calibrated and highly accurate tool permits us to import a 3D CAD file for direct as-built part verification.

Wire EDM

One method of EDM Focused Beam employs is a wire EDM. This method (similar to a bandsaw) uses a .004 to .010 hard brass wire as an electrode, cutting programmed profiles into electrically conductive materials. Our wire EDM is

  • extremely accurate
  • capable of cutting very intricate shapes to tolerances as tight as .0002”
  • used for parts as large as 42l x 37w x 16h
  • well-suited for cutting hard metals
  • equipped with 5-axis capabilities, allowing tapered cuts or other complex geometric shapes
  • ideal for fabricating high precision parts with a smooth finish

Sinker (Ram) EDM

When utilizing Sinker EDM, we first CNC fabricate a male electrode and then Ram EDM this shape using spark erosion, leaving a female impression in the desired material. We CNC machine the precise male electrode shape from graphite, copper tungsten, or brass. Our Sinker EDM is 32l x 16w x 13h

  • capable of handling parts up to 36l x 18w x 15h
  • incredibly accurate up to tolerances of .0005″
  • well-suited for cutting hard metals
  • used for non-contact machining, including delicate parts
  • able to fabricate intricate designs
  • able to cut all electrically conductive materials


Turnkey Solutions

Focused Beam Inc. can provide the complete package.  Most parts require additional fabrication beyond EDM – we provide a complete solution. We have an engineering staff and other equipment that can complete the fabrication of your parts, including a 4-axis CNC Vertical Machining Center and a CNC Lathe.